Breaking News - Celebs Seen On Their Yachts!

Jul 8, 2010

George Clifford :

This is maybe more Melacina’s cup of tea (or Krug flute!) but came across little press stories of so called celebs seen getting away from it all on big boats this week, like England footballer, Wayne Rooney, of all people!

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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Sails Into View

Jul 5, 2010

Melacina Clarinda

Spain seems to be flavour of the moment! Just got back from Valencia Grand Prix to see Rafael Nadal win Wimbledon - and I hear that Spain are through to the World Cup semis!

Tags: Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, megayachts, private yacht available for charter, O’Mega, RM Elegant, contemporary styling, eye for elegance

DrumBeat - Super Yacht Dream Boat World Cruise!

Jul 1, 2010

Melacina Clarinda :

Recovering from Valencia Grand Prix 2010! What with Lewis Hamilton stopping to take calls on his mobile right in front of ‘Indian Empress’ - Force India owner, Vijay Mallya’s 300 foot plus monster megayacht- which dominated the harbour again this year, and returning to London to the same 30 degrees of heat as when I left Valencia, just had to lie down in a darkened room, for a few moments mind!

Tags: Valencia Grand Prix 2010, Super Yacht, DrumBeat, Marmaris, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, America’s Cup.

Team Spirit Flows At SuperYacht Cup Palma 2010

Jun 28, 2010

George Clifford

All eyes have been focused on Valencia this weekend, I know, not to mention certain football and tennis tournaments I shan’t mention! It’s no wonder coverage of the SuperYacht Cup Palma 2010, which occurred at the same time, hardly got a look in!

Tags: SuperYacht Cup Palma 2010, superyachts, Olialia, Aristarchos, sailing experience, Eastern Mediterranean.

Valencia GP - The Place For SuperYachts And Me To Be!

Jun 24, 2010

Melacina Clarinda

Valencia Grand Prix – three glorious days starting now! And I’m here, for big yachts, glorious sunshine, bigger yachts, delicious cuisine, and more yachts, of course!

Tags: Valencia GP, Valencia Grand Prix, Elite Yachts, SuperYachts, Megayachts, Seaforce One, Sherakhan, ,

Well I’ll Oil Be! Not So Slick Sailing!

Jun 21, 2010

George Clifford

Not quite sure about last week’s unexpected press coverage given to BP ‘Oil Spill’ Boss Tony Hayward, spotted taking his £ 182,000 Farr 52 sailing yacht, ‘Bob’, round the Isle of Wight in the JP Morgan Asset Management Race.

Tags: Matelot, Elite Yacht, Sailing yacht, crewed yacht, long distance cruising

Making Waves In Marmaris

Jun 17, 2010

George Clifford

What with the World Cup having kicked off, Royal Ascot, and of course the Valencia Grand Prix roaring into life this time next week, I’m actually now looking forward to Marmaris in October!

Tags: Valencia Grand Prix, Marmaris, Cowes Week, Med cruising, Anassa, MMBW Nicole, Bare Necessities, All At Sea, MegaYachts

Disco Inferno III - A Yacht With More Flares Than Most!

Jun 14, 2010

Melacina Clarinda

Sometimes, you don’t have to be showy to have class.There are some fantastic ladies 'doing the season’ at the moment.That’s why I really do have a soft spot for Disco Inferno III. She may be 60 ft but I would say she’s every inch a Custom Yacht.

Awarding The Tall Sail Streamlined Ladies!

Jun 10, 2010

George Clifford

Intriguing results at the SuperYachts Awards earlier this month. Really heart-warming, for example, to see ‘Riela’, one of the worthy winners in the 45 m plus class. While the SuperYachts and Mega Yachts tend to naturally hog all the admiring glances, it’s important, I feel, that the stock yachts should not be forgotten.

Tags: Riela, SuperYachts, MegaYachts, stock yachts, SuperYachts Awards, Liara, custom yacht class, Ethereal, Cowes Week,

The O’Mega Goes Mega In Time For Valencia GP!

Jun 7, 2010

Melacina Clarinda

British summer – where art thou? It’s been dreadful this year again! One or two days of lovely hot sun and then it’s gone! Thank god for the Valencia Grand Prix starting in a few weeks, that’s what I say. I can’t wait!

Tags: Valencia Grand Prix, fabulous super yachts, O’Mega, charting,

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